People and partners

This is just a start at listing the more than 100 people involved with Darwin, both in and out of LEGO. For Darwin members, this page is opt-in, i.e. I must have your consent before showing your name here. Please sign up for a login to have editing access.


LBJ (dir.)

  • CA
  • DDM
  • Alex Furer
  • Julian E Gómez, PhD
  • BN
  • BT
  • PM worked part time at AVCL


LBJ (dir.)

Group directors:

  • DDM
  • Julian
  • LK
  • KBN
  • MCL
  • MT

Further details as I uncover records.


  • SIlicon Graphics
  • Informix
  • Dansk Data Elektronik

In memory of

  • Lars-Jørgen Dybkaer

Darwin babies

  • YF
  • VRG

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