The Purpose

SPU-Darwin was an intense time in all of our lives, and we should be proud of the advances made to bring LEGO into its digital existence. I am currently writing a book about Darwin, and will have the manuscript completed by the reunion next June. The book will describe what Darwin was in terms of the people and events that defined the SPU-Darwin experience, with interspersed stories and recollections. The main text will focus on the story of Darwin, and the science and engineering we did will be shown in an appendix. My goal is to create not a techie book, but one of general appeal so anyone can read about the project and what we did.

You’re invited to contribute and discuss your memories on this blogsite. Access will be limited to Darwin and LEGO employees and contractors and other associates who were part of the effort. You can register yourself by registering under the meta menu. As soon as you’re registered you’ll be able to contribute, although if we find postings by non-associated people they will most likely be removed. -julian

editorial feedback: jeg(at)
site feedback: spikol(at)

In terms of the site it is running wordpress with a slightly modified standard template. I am happy to update the design or hand off the work to somebody else. Drop me an email.-spikol